It is only after you have approved a contract that you are hired for a job - an application does not guarantee a job.

When you get hired for a gig you get a notice that a contract has been sent to you in the app. To accept a job, you must sign our digital employment contract that applies to the job you are going to accept. Read the digital employment contract carefully. If you choose to approve the contract, you are obliged to be on time and work according to the instructions in the contract to the best of your ability. Please only approve assignments that you are sure you can complete, and with a good result. If you have any questions, you can start chatting directly with the client in the contract.

If you do not sign the agreement, you have also not agreed, and therefore cannot be hired. If you are not sure if you have agreed and have been hired, you can always go into the system under “Contract”> “Open”. If the job is there, it's yours.

If you are not hired, you will receive a notice if you have not been selected for the gig this time.

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