Upgig is a platform that helps companies manage their staffing in a flexible way, where you as a business customer can hire staff when the need arises. We have a large network of students and young talents ready to apply for the assignments they want.

It's free to have an account, you only pay for the hours you have hired a talent through us. You also avoid the administration of short-time jobs as Upgig takes full employer responsibility.

The service enables you to quickly, easily and securely match talents in the following categories:

  • Stock
  • Driver / Offer
  • Service
  • Reception
  • Store
  • Event
  • Administration
  • Support
  • Sale
  • All-in-allo
  • Charity

A job assignment can be a shorter gig, a project job or a current assignment, depending on your needs.

Once you have received an application that you want to use, you send a contract directly to the app quickly and easily. When the contract is accepted by the talent, he or she is hired for your job.

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