Warning Policy

To ensure that everyone takes precedence over good judgment, we have a warning policy that follows a “2 out of 10” rule. This means that if a gigger receives 2 yellow cards within the last 10 assignments, it results in a red card. A red card means that the talent is immediately turned off from the Upgig app and all future bookings are canceled.

If the gigger receives a yellow card but completes 10 approved assignments after that, the yellow card disappears.

Warnings are given for the following:

  • No show (not found) = Direct shutdown
  • Violation of Upgig's Terms of Service / Code of Conduct = Direct Suspension
  • Violation of client's terms of use / code of conduct = Direct suspension
  • Unreported incident = 1st yellow card
  • Non professional behavior = 1st yellow card
  • Late cancellation = 1st yellow card
  • Late arrival = 1st yellow card
  • Deviation from assignment before the assignment is completed = 1st yellow card
  • Failure to follow clear directives (Some assignments have clear requirements that you wear uniform / work clothes, that you return equipment after the work assignment, etc.) = 1st yellow card
  • If the talent has been awarded a yellow card or has been suspended (red card) which contradicts his opinion, the talent has the opportunity to appeal the decision within 7 days. The appeal is made here

Cancellation Policy

To ensure a high level of delivery and communication, we follow a strict policy regarding cancellation of assignments. Cancellation of a work assignment must be done no later than 24 hours before the start of the assignment. In case of later cancellation, a warning is issued (yellow card).

Late cancellation for legitimate reasons
We understand that things can happen for legitimate reasons, such as illness, etc., which means that the gigger cannot complete a started gig or be forced to cancel an approved assignment. Should this happen, we urge the gigger to be responsible and contact you as assignment responsible on the telephone (call, leave message) and sms (if no answer on phone) as well as in the chat in the app to ensure that the information is communicated in all channels as soon as possible. In the event of illness, the talent may be asked to submit a certificate to prove sickness or emergency.

Important to know: The gigger's absence will automatically trigger 1 yellow card according to the category "late cancellation" and the gigger must therefore act by submitting a notification of valid absence via the form "Appeal decision" to cancel the yellow card. Preferably within the next 48 hours.

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