Our price
Clear price to customer and compensation for the resource, no hidden fees or surprises

Platform fee
Creating an account is free of charge. You only pay the platform fee once you are active and use it (send assignments and use resources). The customer pays a platform fee of 995 SEK (10 EUR) / month + 15% on the total salary cost of the assignment

Based on your specific needs, additional options can be provided upon request and will be charges separately. Options available:

Staffing fee (3rd party employer)
The cost of hiring a resource via a staffing agency is a % fee on the resource total salary cost (hourly salary, holiday allowance, social security contributions, insurance and pensions according to FORA as well as any bonus and compensation for unsocial hours).

As the 3rd party employer takes full employer responsibility, all the salary costs related to the total salary cost are handled by them.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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