The client decides who or what talents they want to hire for the assignment. The decision is, of course, based on several different factors that create a holistic view. Our experience is that speed, a strong profile and involvement in the chat are crucial.

Tips to keep in mind, especially at the beginning of his gig career:

  • When publishing assignments with short notice before the start time, it is important to be quick to get the job! Be on the chop, especially during early mornings, and apply immediately when you receive the push note! Remember that demand is high and that assignments are taken quickly by other giants.
  • The chat function opens when you have applied for a job and is a great opportunity to sell yourself a little extra and explain to the client why they should look more closely at your profile.
  • During every assignment you are on, you have the chance to do a fantastic job as well as be communicative and relationship-building towards the customer. This can lead to you getting a fantastic review, which will help you get more job offers in the future, and possibly take the next time the same client publishes a job.
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