You easily become a gigger by downloading the app on your mobile (android eller appstore). 

1. There you can easily register an account.

2.Fill in your personal information.

3. Your profile needs to be 100% completed in order for your account to be activated. You will achieve this through filling out your profile and preferences.

4. Once your account has been activated its time for you to apply for a position. You can find the selectable positions under the tab vacancies. (Sometimes the positions tab is empty, this can be fixed if you add more job profiles which could be found under "my preferences").

5. Once you have been accepted to the position that you have applied to you can start applying for shifts.

6. When you have applied for a shift the client will send you an assignment. Once you accept that contract the shift is yours.

* You must be at least 16 years old.

Read more about how the service works and tips for creating an attractive profile in the user manual.

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