As a talent via Upgig you have your own personal responsibility to care of which means full engagement and clear commitment to what you do. Once you have accepted an assignment, you have the duty to work and are therefore bound to do the job.

As a talent, you have the right to refuse assignments, but you are also obliged to work the assignments that you have accepted. Upon approval of an assignment in the app, you have undertaken to work in accordance with that agreement. Thus, the work assignment cannot be canceled in any way (invalid cancellation / absence). This means that you have committed a breach of contract. Of course, if there are special reasons (eg illness) we take this into account (valid absence).

To ensure that our talents keep their commitments to their accepted assignments, all attendance / absences and cancellations are recorded in the system. Deviating from an ongoing assignment, canceling or leaving without a valid reason is classified as breach of contract. Yellow card warnings are issued in accordance with our warning policy. This information will be taken into consideration by the system for how new assignments are matched.

Note: If the client makes changes in the start and end time after you have approved an assignment, you have the right to refuse / cancel. Please inform us immediately by contacting Upgig Support in the chat.

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