When the talent has approved a contract and has been given a job confirmed in the service, the talent has a duty to work and is therefore bound to perform the job.

Should something arise that prevents the talent from completing a gig, or is forced to cancel an approved contract, the talent has its own responsibility to ensure that you as a client are informed as soon as possible. Contact should be made via telephone and sms as well as via the chat function in the contract so that there is a documented basis.

To ensure that our talents keep their commitments to their accepted assignments, all attendance / absences and cancellations are recorded in the system. This information then forms the basis for how new assignments are matched.

Should the talent deviate from an ongoing gig, cancel or leave without valid reason, it is classified as a breach of contract and will result in limited access to future gigs and risk being removed from Upgig.

Valid absences, such as illness, you can read about here.

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