Giggers can only make payments during a gig if it has been approved in writing by you as the client (certificates must be in the job advertisement or appear in the chat).

Before you ask any of our giggers to make an outlay, we urge you to take into account the size of the outlay. We also ask you to pay as much as possible yourself beforehand to avoid unnecessary expenses.

The gigger has the right to dismiss. In order to avoid problems, it is important that you already indicate in the advertisement whether expenses may be involved during the assignment.

If you as a client have not intended to replace the gigger directly in connection with the assignment but instead want us to bill you for the outlay, the gigger is responsible for reporting the outlay together with your approval to us. Upgig then decides what is an approved basis and when payment is made to the talent.
Upgig handles expenses for an administration fee of SEK 200 / expense.

Typical expenses that can occur are refueling of a loaned car, purchase of unforeseen materials at, for example, events or perhaps for a train ticket back to the gig's starting place. Expenses for trips to and from the job start point are never approved expenses, but only for travel required within the scope of the assignment.

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