What is GFL?
GFL or Average Earnings Mode that it stands for is a natural part of hiring workers in the workers category. GFL determines the salary level and remuneration for hired staff, and then the price is also adjusted to the customer. The salary of the hired staff shall reflect the salary situation at each individual workplace in accordance with our collective agreement between the Managing Company and the LO unions.

Both the employer and the customer are responsible for ensuring that the salary set is the correct average earnings position (GFL). Therefore, the customer must specify the average hourly salary that applies to his or her workplace, which will also be the salary our consultants receive.

How do you calculate GFL?
In order to calculate GFL, the customer must identify which workers with them do the same tasks as those they should hire. These constitute the comparable group. Who of the customer who should be part of the comparable group is determined on the basis of task. Employment time, skills, experience or age does not matter if the duties are the same. When defining a comparable group, a defined workplace / activity area constitutes its own unit. If a unit within itself has different occupational groups with clear differences in tasks, powers and salary, use a relevant group within the unit as a comparison object. Our consultants will receive a salary based on the salary of all the client company employees in the workplace, who belong to the comparable group. The basis for calculating GFL is usually only the fixed salary.

What is not included in the GFL?
OB compensation
Bonus (calculated over 12 months)
profit Sharing

What if something goes wrong?
In cases where it is subsequently established that GFL is not correct or that documentation is completely missing and the employer risks retroactive salary payments to the consultants concerned and any damages. We therefore have the right to request this extra cost from the end customer afterwards.

What if I do not have a GFL or comparable group?
If the workplace completely lacks a comparable group, you should look for comparable groups at the entire customer company or alternatively at the resort as a whole, contact hello@upgig.com if you need help.

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